About me


My name is Nikita Menshutin and I am happy to greet you here.

I am skilled in two domains - international trade and IT. These will be the main subjects of the entire site.

My contacts:




I’m 41, was born in Moscow, Russia. Live and work in different regions of the Earth, mainly in Bulgaria and Russia

Lead the the team of fullstack development of websites and application, also act as backend developer


  • All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade (Russia)
  • Institut International de Rambouillet (France),
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK),
  • courses of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HK, China).


Backend development (pure PHP, WordPress, Joomla, frameworks),
HTML5, CSS3 (also SASS, Bootstap), javascript, nodeJS.

Not IT:

International economics.
Know how money and goods cross the borders, how to make international contracts, negotiate, work at expos, business correspondance, study markets etc. Worked in Japan, Netherlands, Marocco, Bulgaria, CIS and other countries.

Speak fluently English, French, Russian and Bulgarian


Sports – running, alpine skiing, box. Taekwondo ITF blue belt, go to competions, have medals. Like retro cars, old movies, music of the 20th century, classic literature and sci-fi. Adore traveling, have seen over 25 countries. Sometimes write articles for medias.