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    telegram is not responding

    Telegram messenger is down now, info is confirmed by for examples pingdom monitoring service

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    No more mobile apps soon. Hail to the robots!

    Here you'll find some of my thoughts about the future of mobile apps. I think that there will be much less of them very soon. Why? Read below.

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    About fraud or “But Grandmother! What big teeth you have!”

    You love your relatives? Cherish the friendship? So you risk to face the fraud. But that's not so terrible if you are warned.

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    Post zero

    Hello world! This is post zero for nikita.global project. Why zero? Because counting of elements starts from zero in the most part of programming languages. In everyday life the trip usually starts from zero kilometre (or mile). The next posts will be usually related with IT and economics. Follow my site or page in social […]